20 years good

20.02.2022 is our lucky date! Exactly 20 years ago, 30 founding donors from Jena and the surrounding area got together to establish our foundation!

So much has happened since then: Thousands of people have become involved with and for us - in projects, at the Volunteer Day or SaalePUTZ or our numerous other large and small campaigns.

You can read more about our history here...

Our foundation capital has grown from €42,000 to almost €450,000 over the past 20 years. We would like to continue this trend! Imagine what could be achieved in 100 years with an endowment capital of 2.5 million € (and more!). And this is where you come in:

Our birthday wishes

Some may use this special date, 20.02.2022, to say yes to each other.

We want to challenge you to say yes too!

  • Yes to civic engagement in our city.
  • Yes to social cohesion.
  • Yes to the continuation and growth of our foundation, which has set itself these goals.

You can support us, with a donation or endowment in the amount of your choice: 20, 222 or 2002,22 €, easily with our online donation form.

Use Padlet to leave us a birthday greeting!

What are you saying yes to? What do you wish for the next 20 years of the community foundation? What do you associate with the community foundation? Have you ever been involved with us or made a donation?

We look forward to your contributions!

Just click on the plus in the bottom corner, type in your text, upload pictures if necessary and you're done.

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Interviews with our donors

Barbara Albrethsen-Keck

Barbara Albrethsen-Keck

Executive Chairwoman


If you have any questions or ideas about "20 years of the community foundation", I will be happy to help!