Set yourself a memorial with your own endowment fund at the community foundation

  • Would you like to do good in the long term?
  • You would like to support local commitment in the long term?
  • Would you like to achieve a lot with little effort?
  • You would like to be present in the urban society beyond your death?

Then an endowment fund under the umbrella of the community foundation is the right thing for you!

You can set up your own foundation in the form of an endowment fund under the umbrella of the community foundation even with a small amount of start-up capital. The investment income is used for the purposes you specify, and the endowment capital remains permanently in the capital stock of the community foundation. You and other people who share your concern can increase this capital again and again through endowments. Every year, the income from your endowment fund is used to support the projects that you specify in the fund contract of your foundation. This means that your endowment is available to posterity year after year, just as you determine today. Complicated? Not at all! The foundation experts of the community foundation will personally take care of your request! We support you from the choice of a suitable foundation purpose to the establishment and structuring of your foundation.

Wie funktionieren Stiftungsfonds?

An endowment fund is inexpensive to set up and manage, because the community foundation takes over the administration as part of its own capital investments. In this way, as much money as possible benefits the causes that are close to your heart. In addition, foundations or endowments are tax-deductible and can be claimed - for private individuals, sole proprietorships and partnerships - over an assessment period of up to 10 years.

Good to know: Endowment funds are not only interesting for private individuals and companies but also for non-profit associations (see below "Endowment funds of non-profit organisations").

You also want to set up a fund with us?

The endowment fund offers you a lot of creative freedom with minimal administrative effort. From a legal point of view, it is an earmarked endowment to the assets of the community foundation, which is named separately. You can give your endowment fund its own name and purpose. The income from your endowment fund will be used permanently for the purposes that are close to your heart, in Jena and in the Saale-Holzland district.

You can claim your donation for tax purposes and receive a donation receipt from the community foundation for submission to the tax office. Of course, not only private individuals but also companies or non-profit institutions can set up endowment funds. We will be happy to set up your personal endowment fund at Bürgerstiftung Jena for donations of just 5,000 euros or more.

Registered fund without earmarking (from € 5,000)

If you set up an endowment fund named after you without earmarking, your name will remain permanently. The committees of our community foundation ensure that the income from your endowment fund is always used where it is currently needed and has the best effect. Because we cannot predict today where the greatest need will be in 100 years' time. One thing is certain, however: wherever income from your fund is used, the name of your fund will be mentioned!

Foundation funds with a thematic focus (from € 10,000)

In addition to the name, you select one of the purposes stated in the statutes. Only projects of non-profit organisations working in these specific areas are supported from the proceeds. The earmarking remains permanent.

Endowment fund with right of disposal (from € 20,000)

In addition to the naming and earmarking, you as founder can decide on the concrete use of the income annually within the framework of the agreed purposes of the endowment fund. After the founder's death, the right to decide on the concrete use of the funds passes to a natural person to be named until his or her death. The endowment fund with its name and purpose commitment shall then also remain in existence permanently.

Endowment fund with beneficiary designation (from € 50,000)

In this fund variant, you can additionally name one or two non-profit organisations with the establishment of the fund, to which the income from your fund will regularly flow. After the founder's death, this commitment is transferred to a natural person to be named until his or her death.

Endowment funds of non-profit organisations (from € 20,000)

In this variant of the endowment fund, a non-profit organisation is itself the founder. Since associations are subject to the requirement of timely use of funds and cannot build up assets, the establishment of an endowment fund is a very good option for this. For example, larger bequests to an association can be secured permanently. The income from the fund goes exclusively to the non-profit organisation that has set up the endowment fund and benefits its charitable work.

Foundation fund with regional orientation (from € 50,000)

If you set up a regional endowment fund for a city or town within our catchment area (Jena-SHK), the income remains with you locally. In this case, the endowment fund can be structured in the fund contract in such a way that representatives from the corresponding region decide on the allocation of funds.

Barbara Albrethsen-Keck

Barbara Albrethsen-Keck

Executive Chairwoman


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