Work on the Trüperwiese

| Trüperwiese (Obere Kernbergstraße, Jena)

Volunteers wanted!

Want to get back to the grind, work out physically while getting some fresh air and enjoying the wonderful outdoors?
Come to the volunteer event at Trüperwiese, we want to complete upcoming tasks.

No registration is necessary. Please bring weatherproof work clothes (including gloves) on the day.

How to get there: The Trüperwiese is located in the Kernbergviertel at the level of Obere Kernbergstraße 8. Access by car is possible, but there is no parking directly at the meadow.

Meeting point: Upper end of the meadow at the information board.

We are looking forward to seeing you, please come in large numbers!

Heike Engelhardt

Heike Engelhardt

Freiwilligenagentur Jena, Schatzheber, Trüperwiese

Phone: +49 3641 6392922
Mobile: +49 176 46788964