Workshop: Accounting in a non-profit association

| SPD Forum (Teichgraben 4 07743 Jena)

Accounting in a non-profit organisation

Every association has to deal with payment flows in the course of its activities. In order to keep track of expenses and income, to manage and control payment flows, a functioning accounting system is important. The seminar "Accounting in the association" presents the binding principles for accounting in the association, possible instruments and concrete requirements and work steps in accounting. The aim is for participants to gain a basic understanding of accounting, to become familiar with practicable working tools and to be able to guide their association colleagues in the correct preparation and submission of receipts.

About the speaker

Rico Schmidt has been employed by Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Thorsten Lingmann mbH since 2013 and has been a tax consultant since March 2020. In addition to tax consulting and the preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns, he accompanies or supports associations and initiatives in cost monitoring and accounting for grants. In addition, he is much involved with financial and payroll accounting.
Between 2007 and 2018, he was active as a volunteer finance director in various associations.

This seminar is a joint offer of the Freiwilligenagentur Jena and the Kulturberatung Jena and is sponsored by the Thüringer Ehrenamtsstiftung.


The participation fee is 20 euros.

Interested parties should register by e-mail to Heidi Scheller, stating your association and whether you work full-time or on a voluntary basis.

Please note that the Seminar is hold in German!