cellu l'art-Festival Jena e.V. - 22nd Short Film Festival 2021

Promoted 2021, funding amount 300 €

The international Cellu l'art short film festival was held for the 22nd time from October 19 to 24, 2021, and once again numerous international and foreign language short films were
of different genres were shown. Within the audience surveys and online-only ticket reservations and bookings, the festival showed a cross-regional reach and recognition. Despite the difficult times, numerous guests take advantage of the program. The festival offers and creates a place for gatherings and to deal with short-term and usually very imposing themes, to forget the current situation for a short moment and enjoy life.

Capella Jenensis - Sounding Thuringian Residences - digital musical portrait of Belvedere Palace Weimar

Supported 2021, funding amount € 1,000

With the digital project "Sounding Thuringian Residences", a musical portrait of the Thuringian palace landscape was created, which makes the multifaceted musical landscape of Thuringia accessible to a broad audience in a digital way. This was also done out of the necessity of the Corona pandemic to move the planned offering to the digital.

The concert programme recorded in Weimar's Belvedere Palace in May 2021 is directly connected to this historical location in terms of content: Works by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) and Johann Pfeiffer (1697-1761), two composers who decisively shaped the musical life of the city through their work in the Weimar court orchestra, were recorded.

The resulting music video provides information about the rich Central German musical tradition, which has had a significant influence on the development of German and European musical culture. The musicians of the Capella Jenensis, specially trained in historical performance practice and playing original instruments of the time, have ensured the highest musical quality from a scholarly point of view. The programme was created after extensive research and analysis of the musical sources with works thematically appropriate to the castle. This was done in close cooperation with the scientific staff of the venue.

Post-production of the film is currently ongoing and will be completed by around March 2022. As soon as the film has been completed, the result will be published on the www.klingende-residenzen.de website. The concert film will be presented in an overall artistic concept with detailed background information on the castle, the composers and the music. 

Self-help group Neurokind
Classical concert for disabled children and their families on 26 January 2020

Supported 2020, Funding amount 165 €

The self-help group Neurokind is organising a concert for disabled children and their families on 25 January 2020. The concert, lasting about 45 minutes, included pieces of classical instrumental music freely composed and performed by professional and amateur musicians.

For parents who would like to listen to a concert together with their child, it is very difficult to decide to attend a classical concert for various reasons. Neither is the concert length appropriate for a disabled child, nor does it feel relaxed for parents not to be sure in which way the child will react to the concert.

From these experiences came the idea of organising a concert specifically for these families. Of course, relatives and friends were also allowed to come along. But above all it is about giving everyone a relaxed concert experience in a smaller setting, first and foremost of course the children. It is very liberating for parents not to have to worry about the children's behaviour and possible disturbance of the audience.

The concert lasted 45 minutes, after which there was coffee and cake.

Short theatre spectacle of the Freie Bühne Jena

Supported 2019, Funding amount 250 €

The Freie Bühne Jena e.V. and the Kulturkombinat Neue Räume e.V., together with Jena's independent theatre, art and cultural professionals, organised a festival in summer 2019 for the 10th time, showcasing the diversity of the cultural and artistic landscape in Jena, the region and the whole of Germany.

From 01 to 04 August 2019, we celebrated an anniversary festival. For the 10th time, we were able to present our audience with a colourful programme of short plays, for the second time outside on Otto-Schott-Platz in Jena Forest and together with Kulturkombinat Neue Räume e.V., for the first time with our TheaterWAGEN. Between puppet theatre and one-person plays, between improvisation theatre and magic, between artistry and walk-acts, between bands and DJs, there were lots of encounters, fresh air and love of theatre.

Bildrechte: André Helbig

Garden tools for the Pflanzhaus e.V.

Supported 2019, Funding amount 300 €

Gardens are wonderful places to live and learn. Pflanzhaus e. V. is dedicated to building up a permanent educational programme on the theme of "Garden-Culture-Nutrition". This circle includes horticulture and agriculture and the related cultural techniques, ecological education, sustainable development, nature experience and nutrition education. Our aim is to contribute to a revival of the relationship between man, nature and culture by means of the concretely experienced garden site. We have leased two plots in the allotment garden site "Am Ostbad e.V." where we already conduct school garden lessons, project days and workshops.

We already have a small stock of various gardening tools and implements (also in sizes suitable for children). But these are usually not sufficient when several workers are energetically tackling the job at the same time.

With the help of funding from the Bürgerstiftung Jena, the stock has been expanded with spades, hoes, digging forks, wheelbarrows and garden shears, for example.

Mobile workshop bus of the Repariercafé Jena

Supported 2019, Funding amount 200 €

About the project: Since 2014, the Repariercafé Jena has been on the road true to the motto "Throw away - No thanks! The volunteers help interested people to get their broken things back in working order. With the mobile workshop bus, it was possible for the first time in 2019 to carry out uncomplicated repairs at various locations in Jena and beyond. It celebrated its premiere at the Easter festival of the Bucha agricultural cooperative and was in use throughout the summer of 2019: at the 72 Hours Urban Action in Lobeda, at the KSJ recycling centre, at the Wenigenjena summer festival, at the Studio youth club in Apolda and finally at the flea market in Winzerla at the beginning of September. With it, the repair café was able to reach people who had never heard of the project before and repair about 150 things on the spot.