Auction successfully completed!

On yesterday's Sunday, around 20 o'clock, the 20 auctions of the auction of the priceless opportunities of the community foundation ended and brought in just under 4230 euros. Highest bidders were the two hotel overnights including 3-star menu for stargazing on the Hohe Geba for a total of 422 euros, closely followed by the hike with the Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow for 407 euros and the personal tour and use of Schiller's garden house for 402 euros.

"We are very pleased with the proceeds!" said Barbara Albrethsen-Keck, chairwoman of the board of the community foundation. "Unlike previous years, this year all opportunities were actually contested and we were able to sell everything to the man or woman." The profits go to the Foundation's charitable work to promote volunteerism in Jena and the Saale-Holzland region. For example, the project for Ukrainian aid will benefit from this, which was set up this year at short notice and with a lot of verve to make it easier for refugees to arrive in Jena.

A special auctioneer this year was Minister Anja Siegesmund. She had already participated in the auction herself in the past as an opportunity giver, but this year she participated in a different way and bid for the two opportunities "Once moderating the Jena-Journal" and "The dance formation Cucumbers for her private party". "I was totally excited yesterday when I was bidding," she said, "and now I'm happy about these special Christmas gifts for my kids."