Schatzheber (treasure lifters)

Whether playing the drums, building wooden aeroplanes, inspecting spiders or experimenting with household items - there are many interests hidden in children that we want to uncover with the Treasure Lifters Project of the Jena Civic Foundation. That is why the Bürgerstiftung Jena is looking for volunteer treasure-lifters who will go to the day-care centres and primary schools every week, where they will uncover the children's treasures and promote their skills. Above all, children whose own environment cannot provide this benefit. The two extra hands, eyes and ears of the treasure lifters are particularly important at this point; they give the children encouragement and self-confidence.
The Bürgerstiftung Jena not only looks for volunteers, but also advises and qualifies the treasure lifters and at the same time provides advice to the day-care centres and primary schools. To ensure that every child can be involved from the very beginning, we also finance the material, e.g. for experiments, instruments, play and sports equipment.

I was immediately enthusiastic about the treasure-lifting project of the Jena Civic Foundation. Recognising children's interests and talents at an early age, encouraging their creativity and awakening their enthusiasm for dance, music or literature - what a wonderful cause.

Bodo Ramelow
Prime Minister of Thuringia and President of the Bundesrat

Current requests from the daycare centres

Sport-Schatzheber*in wanted

A treasure lifter is currently being sought at a daycare centre in the Jena-West district. The aim is to do sports with the children: Playing ball, running and romping. The commitment is about one hour a week. The aim of the project is to promote the skills of children between the ages of three and six.

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Heike Engelhardt

Heike Engelhardt

Freiwilligenagentur Jena, Schatzheber, Trüperwiese

Phone: +49 3641 6392922
Mobile: +49 176 46788964

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