Our donation pot: Ukraine - Jena helps!

Many Jena residents would like their financial donations to be used directly on site. For this purpose, the Jena Saale-Holzland Civic Foundation has set up the Ukraine Donation Fund. The donations are used to support projects and activities in Jena and the district.

  • The following purposes are supported: meeting, education, culture, leisure activities.
  • It is important that the offers reach a large number of people, that they are also open to refugees from other countries.
  • Individual case assistance and projects outside of Jena and the Saale-Holzland district are excluded.
  • Maximum funding amount: 750€.
  • Only one application per project. Different projects of the same applicant can be funded.

The decision-making body consists of:

  • Luise Zimmermann
  • Wolfgang Volkmer
  • Olga Goldschmidt
  • Daniela Englert
  • Barbara Albrethsen-Keck

Decisions on funding applications received will be made in the short term.

Application formalities

Complete grant application and cost breakdown and send to: albrethsen-keck@buergerstiftung-jena.de

Proof of use

Fill in proof of use with cost breakdown and enclose receipts!

Submit the statement of account up to three weeks after the end of the project and send it to: albrethsen-keck@buergerstiftung-jena.de

Projects funded in June 2022

  • Förderverein Schullandheim Stern: Support of voluntary language courses at Stern, 750€

Projects funded in May 2022

  • Mittendrin e.V.: Language course for Ukrainian refugees in Winzerla, 750 €.
  • JenDaF e.V.: Language course for Ukrainian refugees by DaZ students of the university, final event for 60 persons, 550 €.

Projects funded in April 2022

  • Kindersprachbrücke: Easter holiday language course with 750 €
  • Freundeskreis Göschwitz: Pillows for the cots in the gym with 145 €
  • WeltRaum: Create passport photo and form help with 500 €