Stifterlauf (founder's run) – Running for a colourful Jena

The Stifterlauf is Jena's most colourful running event. Everyone can take part: whether old or young, as a team of employees, as a family or alone, walking, running or on rollers...

And the best thing about it: All proceeds benefit the Bürgerstiftung Jena and thus our city! With your participation, you support in particular our projects for kindergarten children, young families and help refugees to arrive in Jena.

The idea: A large group of runners completes as many 1000-metre laps as possible on the Lawn Mill Island in Jena's Paradiespark and donations are made for each lap run - by private running sponsors and companies. Unfortunately, due to Corona, no runs took place in 2020-22. But in 2023 the run will take place again on Wednesday, June 14 - more info to follow, we look forward to seeing you!

The running track

Questions & answers

What do I have to do to join?

1. Register

The registration is done by the Laufservice Jena. You can register for the Stifterlauf on their website. To the registration

2. Find sponsors for you

The Stifterlauf is a charity run: The aim is to raise as much money as possible for a good cause. And every runner helps: Ask your parents, grandpas and mothers-in-law, friends and companies, teachers and bosses, family doctors and politicians, girlfriends and lawyers, traders and tax consultants, sportsmen and non-sportsmen if they would like to be sponsors or runners themselves. Everything is possible here!

So give it your all in your search for a sponsor!

But of course you can also run without a sponsor.

3. Training

Train regularly and invite friends to run with you. Not only is it healthy and helps you get fit, but it's twice as much fun when there are two or more of you.

Can I also start later?

Yes: You can start at any time between 4 and 7 pm. At 4pm there will be a joint warm-up and the starting gun, for everyone who is there.

Can I also register on site?

Late registrations are possible on the day of the race from 14:30-18:00 at the organisation office at the stand in Paradiespark. However, pre-registration is recommended for smooth running!

Can I register as a runner for my team at a later date?

You missed the team registration for your group and would like to register for it later? No problem, just register as a runner and enter the exact name of your team so that you can be assigned later.

Is there a participation fee?

Participation costs 7 euros for all starters. The fee will be debited via the registration at the running service.

Children up to the age of 10 (born since 2013) can run for free. To ensure that a lot of donations are collected, we ask you to find running sponsors: grandma or grandpa, your parents, teachers or uncles and aunts can donate a small amount to the community foundation in this way.

I need a receipt for my entry fees or the entry fees of my team. What do I need to do?

Just send us an e-mail ( with your registration name or team name and number of participants and your address and we will issue you with a receipt.

What about toilets, changing rooms, showers or cloakrooms?

Unfortunately, there are no showers or changing rooms on site. However, the toilets of the USV can be used free of charge and we offer a free cloakroom to store your belongings.

What do I have to do as a running sponsor?

Run sponsors do not need to register with the community foundation.

You make an agreement with your runner in advance on how much you would like to donate per lap. After the run, your runner will tell you how many laps he or she has run. You multiply this by the agreed donation amount per lap and transfer the amount to:

Bürgerstiftung Jena, IBAN: DE63 8602 0500 0003 5675 00, BIC: BFSWDE33LPZ, reference "Laufpatenschaft".

If you need a donation receipt, please remember to include your full address with the transfer.

Alternatively, you can also make a transfer using our online donation form. Please select "Foundation work in general" for the project.

I don't have a sponsor (yet), can I still register?

Of course! We are happy about every participant, even if you don't have a running sponsor yet. On the day of the run, of course, every running group and every runner should have a running sponsor - whether boss or colleague, parent, spouse, grandparent or teacher. Everyone can support runners!

For runners who can't find anyone at all, we also try to find companies etc. as sponsors.

Of course, you can also become your own run sponsor!

How are the rounds counted?

This year, we want to simplify the technology around the run again. This way, more money flows into the valuable work at the community foundation.

Accordingly, the responsibility for counting laps lies with the runners: You can count your laps! However, we will support you in counting your laps by handing out colourful rubber bands that you can put around your wrist. The laps will then be counted when the certificates are printed.

What happens with the donations?

All proceeds benefit our city - the projects of the Bürgerstiftung Jena from Schatzheber to wellcome to Chancenpatenschaften.

These proceeds help with the work of Bürgerstiftung Jena for children, refugees, young families and charitable associations.


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