Takeover of the sponsorship

In order to promote its statutory purposes, the Jena Saale-Holzland Civic Foundation also takes over the sponsorship of projects. This serves to relieve the burden on initiatives which, for example, cannot issue donation receipts themselves or do not have their own bookkeeping.

The board of directors decides on the assumption of sponsorship for external projects.

The prerequisite for sponsorship is the application of a non-profit project in the sense of the statutory objectives (you can view the statutes in German here) of the community foundation. In addition, 10 % of the project's income must be earmarked for the community foundation's administrative costs.

Applicants send a brief description of their project, including contact person and cost and financing plan to the board of the Jena Saale-Holzland Civic Foundation.

Your application

Bürgerstiftung Jena Saale-Holzland
07743 Jena

Please send an email to: info@buergerstiftung-jena.de

Barbara Albrethsen-Keck

Barbara Albrethsen-Keck

Executive Chairwoman


Do you have questions about taking over sponsorships? Contact me!