Ukraine war: Our offers of help

In our project for Ukraine aid in Jena, we have made it our task to help the helpers, i.e. all those who are committed to helping the refugees here in Jena. For this purpose, we offer events for networking and further education and provide practical support. On this page you will also find our info-pinboard with lots of information and the possibility to apply for funding for your projects. Brand new: We also arrange sponsorships between people who are new to Jena and those who want to help with their arrival.

Help coordination via our platform

Our new engagement platform brings together people interested in engagement and people or institutions in need of help. Hundreds of people have already registered to help, so we have a lot of manpower to offer!

You are an initiative and need: Drivers, translators or other helpers?

You have taken in refugees yourself and need help, for example with visits to the authorities?

Do you have your own capacities and would like to help?

Informations, help and more

The best up-to-date overview on topics such as donations in kind, accommodation, offers and the like with a translation into Ukrainian is currently offered by the city of Jena. You can't find the information you are looking for there? Please feel free to contact our helper hotline!

Our donation fund: Ukraine - Jena helps!

Donations for Jena initiatives

Under the motto “Ukraine: Jena helps!” we collect donations that we pass on quickly and without complications to initiatives active in Jena to help refugees.

Request donations

You are an initiative in Jena and need financial support for your work for refugees from Ukraine? Use the form below (please fill in digitally) and send it to:

Projects sponsored to date

Projects sponsored in December 2022

  • Initiative "Ukrainians in Jena": Christmas party with fairy tale program in Lobeda, 435€
  • Freundeskreis Jena North: Christmas party, 200€

Projects sponsored in November 2022

  • Clothing Store // Team of the Initiative Jena helps: Christmas Party, 750€
  • JenDaF e.V.: Excursion with refugees to Erfurt, 500€
  • Initiative "Ukrainians in Jena": Christmas party with fairy tale program, 380€
  • Ukrainehilfe Cospeda: Guided tour of the city and get-together, 200€

Projects sponsored in August 2022

  • Freundeskreis Wenigenjena: Welcome party for the opening of the community accommodation at Jenzigweg, 600€

Projects sponsored in June 2022

  • Förderverein Schullandheim Stern: Support of voluntary language courses at Stern, 750€
  • Freundeskreis Bachstraße: Visit to the spring market, 145€
  • Initiative Jena helps: expense allowances and 9-euro tickets for volunteers, 750€.

Projects sponsored in May 2022

  • Mittendrin e.V.: Language course for Ukrainian refugees in Winzerla, 750€
  • JenDaF e.V.: Language course for Ukrainian refugees by DaZ students of the university, final event for 60 people, 550 €

Projects sponsored in April 2022

  • Kindersprachbrücke: Easter holiday language course, 750 €
  • Freundeskreis Göschwitz: Pillows for the cots in the gym, 145 €
  • WeltRaum: Passport photo and application form assistance, 500 €
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