About Us

The Community Foundation Jena is a private foundation. We are working for a better Jena, a community where people help each other and care. We bring people together in our projects where they can do something good – together.

Whether you are working voluntarily in a non-profit-association, pitch in a volunteer day or help children discover their talents as a Schatzheber – your volunteer work changes Jena and its community.

What do we do?

Ankommenspatenschaften (welcome mentors)

You want to help people who are new in Jena to find their way? Show them the most important offices! Explain them how public transportation works and visit your favorite places. If you need a welcome mentor or need someone to practice German, contact us.

Brücken bauen – Gutes tun (Building bridges – Doing good)

You want to help others? Volunteer in an initiative or non-profit-organization! We help you find the perfect place for you. Whether you want to help in an animal shelter, refugees or any other non-profit-association, more than 300 opportunities are waiting for you!


You play an instrument? You know a lot about animals? Or you have a talent for crafting? As a Schatzheber you will visit a kindergarten regularly and help children to discover their talents.

Teilhabe durch Engagement (Making participation possible!)

Small projects and events bring people together. Refugees and Germans are working together in small and medium projects. We make organize, support and help you if you have an idea.


Families with small children often suffer heavy stress. Our volunteers help young families during the first year. Taking the older kids to the playground, doing some shopping or just listening – the welcome angels try to give these families some relief. If you need help or want to become a welcome-angel, contact us!

You want to do something? Great! Please contact us

Jannis Lemke (Brücken bauen – Gutes tun)

Jannis Lemke
Koordinator Brücken bauen – Gutes tun
Tel: 03641 6392926
E-Mail: lemke@buergerstiftung-jena.de