balcony power station

How can we all contribute to the energy transition and save money in the long run? With a balcony power plant, every citizen can contribute and generate their own electricity from solar energy!

In the matter of balcony power plants there are still many question marks and hurdles, but the Bürgerenergie Jena has taken an important step to remove some of the hurdles.
From now on you can buy a balcony power plant for the unbeatable price of 599 Euro via the website and pick it up here in Jena!

I.e. you save real money, because this is one of the cheapest offers in whole Germany, you save the delivery costs and the waiting time!

Still questions? On the website there is also an extensive FAQ section.

We as a community foundation support the Bürgerenergie Jena together with the public utilities, the KSJ, the Imaginata and the Stromsparcheck Jena in their project and wish for many balcony power plants in Jena!

By the way, the subsidy pot of the city of Jena for low-income earners, where the acquisition of a balcony power plant is financed with up to 75%, is not yet exhausted!