Bürgerstiftung opens clothing store

Queue on the first day of the clothing store

Due to the many requests we received, we decided at the beginning of April to set up a clothing store for Ukrainian refugees. The city provided us with the rooms free of charge for three months. Now we were looking for committed volunteers and found them in the group around Boshena Gessner: She lives in Jena, but was born in Ukraine and built up a network of helpers in Jena right at the beginning of the war.

The volunteers made the rooms of the former fire station in Saalbahnhofstraße 15 ready for occupancy and clean within a few days, and in the week of April 4 we called for donations on three days. Despite the short notice of the appeal, within a few days the rooms were fully stocked with excellent quality donations!

Finally, on April 19, the Tuesday after Easter, we were able to open. On the first day, more than 200 customers came to the clothing store and we soon had to increase our donations.

We are thrilled with our volunteers and all the donors. Thank you thank you!

Our clothing store

Opening hours
Mon-Fri from 10-17

In der Alten Feuerwache, Haus 1
Saalbahnhofstraße 15, 07743 Jena