The »Schatzheber« Foundation Fund

Established 2013

Founder: Drosos-Stiftung from Zürich

Purpose of the fund: the promotion of education and upbringing in childhood, in particular the continuation and stabilisation of the "Schatzheber" project.

The Drosos Foundation from Zurich provided financial and logistical support to the Jena Saale-Holzland Civic Foundation between 2013 and 2017 to professionalise its volunteer work, particularly in the area of early childhood education. The assistance also served to sustainably strengthen the Bürgerstiftung's administration and fundraising efforts.

The Schatzheber project recruits, places and supervises volunteers who carry out creative, technical or sporting activities in kindergartens.

With the help of the "Schatzheber" foundation fund, the project will be continued and made permanent.